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Catholic Mothers of Ministry

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***St. Vincent de Paul:  The Garcia family is in desperate need of our help.  They need money to pay bills as well as diapers and other necessities.  Please contact Natalie H. for more info.


***CMOM COMMITTEES 2007-2008:

*Presidents:  Carrie M. & Kelly F.

*Second VP:  Anne Marie F.

*Treasurer:  Andree K.

*Recording Secretary:  Carrie G.

*Executive Asst:  Michelle O.

*New Member:  Liz O., Brooke S.

*New Baby:  Tiffany F.

*Hospitality:  Andrea C. & Anne Marie F.

*Sunshine:  Christie M.

*Guarding the Faith:  April M.

*Program:  Joleen D.

*Adult Social:  Paige G.

*Children's Social:  Angie W. & April Juul

*Dinner Club:  Shauna McCown

*Ministry/MOW:  Audra H.

*Ministry/Christmas Families:  Lexie L. & Leah Y.

*Ministry/Tyler Day Nursery:  Keri F.

*Minstry/St. Vincent de Paul Family:  Natalie H.

*Historian:  Jeanne F.

*VBS Director:  Mona D.

*VBS Asst. Director:   Ann Marie F.




  • Easter Egg Hunt Chair


**If interested in being a Committee leader, please contact Kelly F. or Carrie M. 

Please prayerfully discern how you can serve our parish through our ministry. 


Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception * Tyler, Texas